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What Kind of Camera Do You Use?

The kind that I shoot all of the example photos from my site with.  I do not release exact equipment details because most people don't have a deep understanding of photography. I have had competition claim I use the same equipment but post cheaper prices; which is like saying I built the house I'm trying to sell you with the same brand of hammer as that more experienced carpenter.  


Can I send more than one item at a time?

Yes.  The shipping cost is entirely on you, so feel free to send as many or as few items as you would like using whatever carrier or shipping you prefer.  With model shots requiring 10 shots, all 10 do not have to be with the same item and can be divided as you see fit.

Do you send items back?

No.  The prices listed are only to receive and photograph the item.  We keep products that are sent to us, though if you need a prototype back, I would be willing to offer this service for the price of shipping plus a $10 convenience fee.

What happens to merchandise after you are finished with it?

We deal with so many products that we typically give the products away.  If you need us to hold onto an item to photograph it beyond the initial order, that NEEDS to be communicated and a storage cost can be negotiated.

Are there size limits to items?

It is on you to ship us the item with whatever costs are associated with that.  Items that EXCEED 50lbs. will be charged a fee of $20 per item that exceeds that weight.

What happens if an item is broken during shipping?

We are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged by the carrier.  We highly recommend getting a tracking number for your order and insuring the item, even if not for the full amount.

What if my product requires assembly?

While we are willing to work with you on this, overly complicated products that require extensive assembly will be charged $30 per hour of assembly and please use some common sense to appreciate that our staff may not be experts at your product and are not responsible if we can not put it together properly.  We had a seller that wanted us to assemble a 7,000 piece puzzle.  While we are willing to work with you, just realize that you might be getting billed by the hour for us to put together something that might have been sent assembled.

Working with Models?

We do work with a number of different models of varying body types and backgrounds.  Please let us know if there is a particular kind of model that you are looking for.  We do have a list of models that we regularly work with that we can send you upon request, though it is by no means complete.  For clothing items, please work with us selecting a model before sending the item of clothing as it is way easier to size to the model than to find a model for a particular size.  


Why did you move away from packages?

While some customers enjoyed our different packages as pricing options, they seemed to confuse more than provide them with ideas.  A majority of customers were getting individualized pricing from me, which took valuable time away from the business and creating our wonderful images.  We hope that this system is straight forward and easy to understand.

What if I need an individualized package?

We have largely moved away from packages as the individual needs of customers varied so widely.  We have moved to a per image cost.


I'm a Veteran looking for a job. Are you hiring?

We are located in SW Idaho and only of

fe jobs in that region.  Please contact me with your resume and we will be in touch when we have another opening.

Are All Models Veterans?

No.  There are not enough models in this area that are also veterans to make that a stable business practice.  I am looking to shortly create a model page with all of our current models and will be indicating those that are for clients to choose.


How big are the image files?

Image files average around 50 Mbs.

What kind of file is the image delivered on?

Images are shot in RAW and then converted to JPG after editing.  TIF files are available upon request.


Are there any types of products that you don't do?

While there are no legal products that we would not work with, we will NOT photograph any type of illegal or pornographic scenes with our models.  We do work with bathing suits or undergarments for clothing boutiques but do not cater to adult businesses that require nudity in their advertising.  It should also be noted that Marijuana is not legal in the state where we are located.  If you sell such a product in a bottle, let us know and send us an EMPTY bottle for us to work with.  If you send us an illegal product, we are obligated to report the offense to local authorities.

Do You Offer Videos?

No.  Video has too many variables to give a straight forward price and tends to disrupt workflow for other projects.

Why Can't I do Less than 10 Images?

Prices are based upon costs associated being spread out through 10 images.  While less is possible, it would be subject to a $50/hour plus full expenses and we have found that 10 is the minimum for most customers.  

Is there any kind of work that I don't do?

Aside from the kinds of products I won't shoot, I don't do sports, high action, or wildlife.  I do not have the necessary equipment to do this kind of work.  I also do not do surveillance work of any kind.  I do not do time lapse or astral photography.  I no longer shoot or edit video nor work with drones for video or stills.  

I do not build websites, optimize SEO, or run people's social media, nor am I a graphic designer.  I am not in marketing in the sense that I run people's advertising campaigns.  I do not write copy for other companies.  This is not an Ad Firm.  I have offered many of those services in the past and the reason that I don't any longer has to do with optimizing my own time and skills.  I offer high end pictures though  have a background in sales and advertising, as well as a well rounded education in media and art design, that I often use to help clients that don't know where to start or what to ask for.  I have also found that keeping experts in these fields on retainer drastically increases the cost to customers that don't use them simply to advertise their availability.


I live in Idaho, are any Additional Services Available to Me?

Yes, as long as you are within my Driving Radius listed below, I am willing to drive out to your location to do the shoot there.  This is especially helpful for service and food industries or if you want to highlight your physical location.  We also offer full service photography services to include

  • Weddings
  • Portraits
  • Real Estate
  • Baby
  • Pregnancy
  • Engagement
  • Corporate
  • Headshots
  • Food
  • Event
  • Architechture
  • Infrared

All local gigs are charged at a $30/image rate with a minimum of 10 images unless models are involved, which is $50/image. 

What is your Idaho Driving Radius?

I am willing to travel as far east as Twin Falls, and as far west as McCall, and north to the Idaho City area.  I will also work in Sun Valley under the condition that lodging is provided as it is too far to drive both ways and work.

Would Results Photography come to me, even if I'm not inside the driving radius?

In theory, Yes.  For that to happen, you would be paying for all travel and hotel cots, $100/day for food, $300 for travel days that I am not working, in addition to the normal cost of $30 per image with a 10 image minimum.  I would need to have an opening in my schedule to accommodate for this, so I would recommend scheduling far in advance. I might be willing to hear offers of slightly less if the location was choice enough.  In other words, if you have a corporate room on an island and you want me to work for free but I get a free vacation, I might consider it, especially if I can stay beyond what I'm working.

Customers' most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are listed here, divided by topic.

Customers' most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are listed here, divided by topic.